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About Us

Le Jaana specialises in importing dhurries and bags from india. Dhurries are hand woven cotton rugs made on a loom by local artisans. After a couple of trips to india Laura fell in love with the ancient techniques used and the choice of vibrant colours and patterns used in all their products. 

All of our products are chosen and designed by Laura and are handmade in Udaipur, India. The Cotton dhurries are handcrafted using the best quality materials and All of the bags have been lovingly made using these dhurries along with the best quality leather. As each product is handmade, no two products are the same.

Empowerment of Local women

The hundreds of women dhurrie weavers have empowered themselves with their craft and they have been able to raise the living standards of their families in addition to gaining economic independence.

Over the years we have worked with these artisans, we have empowered them from mere freelance artisans to become small business owners. This has been a great stride in reducing the high poverty levels common in some of these villages. Many of our dhurrie weavers are leaders within the artisan communities. We have gone the extra mile to conduct various social programs for these weavers with the aim of enhancing their skills. Going further inside the remote rural areas and creating bonds in these villages gives them an opportunity to not only weave the dhurries but also to weave their own futures. 



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